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Normally the Quicktime installer won't downgrade to a lower version. I can try to remove the installation check, but that's not the way it should be. If I'm using 10.5.6 I can't use Quicktime 7.4.5. It's curious why only me has this problem - except my friends which use the same configuration. I presumed it was the Perian codec, but the problem also occures after a fresh installation.

I attached the X1600 drivers, but maybe its possible to add the Device IDs directly to AppleRadeonX1000.kext, actually only 0x71c21002 is in the list. I'm wondering why nobody tested the second monitor output, ATI cards have two IDs. The device for the second monitor is 71ce on my card. Do you have a link to an EFI string guide?

A nice addon would be a additional setting that all 'Energy saving' options are disabled.

What about the info texts to the PS/2 drivers: Only install one driver? WHat does this mean? Either one PS/2 keyboard or one PS/2 mouse, but not both?

To the look of the DVD: I saw that you changed it a bit, added the iPC name to it and so, mmh. Doesn't look original anymore, especcially the removed license text. You put the info text in it, but the result is the same like in the license text: Nobody reads it because everyone wants to the install menu. Tip: Add a new folder in the installation menu 'Readme files'. This could look like this:

If you write the text in the information fields this would be more informative that an long scrolling info page eveyone skips. But it should be formatted in a way that it fits in the info field.

PCwiz: I was never a fan of 3rd-party software on the main install disc, it is often outdated very soon, and Zephyroth's AMD Utilities are missing. I would recommend to remove them and put them on a second installation image, including the things you removed, like additional speech voices and so on (but no printer drivers). This saves space on the install dvd and a smaller image is easier to download and to update. Additional Fonts could also be moved on this disc.

It is possible to store files in a higher compression ratio or as Intel-only? I never had problems using Xslimmer reduced applications. Blacklisted system programs are Activity Monitor, Mail, Safari, DictionaryViewer (if Apple Dictionary is ment with this). Xcode and Dashcode are blacklisted too.

There are two other things: On various images the installer detected the selected language and select only this language, not all. It wouldn't be neccessary, but nicer (and one possible install problem less). On any image ever the language chooser fails, so if the installation is finished, after the reboot the language is defaulted to English. This would be a real new thing if this issue would be fixed.

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